News flash – 10% of home burglary happens through garage doors. Fugitives take advantage of the inadequate protection and defense of garage doors to enter the house and create havoc. Too scandalous, if we may say. 

In this article, we will enlighten you on how to secure your garage door from these burglars. To know what security measurements are to be done, finish reading.


Introduction to Garage Door Security

Garages are designed to shelter vehicles and other valuables blocked with a door to secure them. Although designed to secure, it sometimes poses weaknesses, causing door function failure.  

Anyone who has ever had their house broken into will tell you how important it is to have a safe garage door. Garage doors protect your family’s safety and preserve your automobile and other possessions from criminals.


Why Garage Doors are Vulnerable to Burglars

One of your home’s most critical entrance points is the garage door. Most homeowners believe that because it is massive, metal, and motorized, it cannot be opened without their garage door opener. 

Nevertheless, thieves are aware of this, and you should also be. Even worse, because they believe their overhead garage door to be secure, many people constantly leave the door leading from their garage into their home open.


Common Garage Door Security Threats

A burglar may find it simple to get past security systems in garages due to security flaws, either by using the garage door or another method. 

We list these four garage door-specific flaws. By being aware of these vulnerabilities, you may adjust your security to avoid them and attempts by a thief to use them as a point of entry to your home. This is a severe security issue because many garage doors in Calgary are now joined to the house.


Garage Door Windows

Burglars hook the emergency release handle with a wire coat hanger or other devices. An accomplished burglar can be expected; that is what they do for a living. A clever homeowner can insert a zip tie through the lever hole to prevent this.

It’s simple to smash the larger windows that were once common for garages and squeeze through the gap. If the large window in your garage is still present, you could want to find an online guide on how to secure it with metal bars.


Bridging Door

To make it simpler to enter the house after they come home, homeowners usually always leave the door between the house and garage unlocked. They believe that because the garage is safe, their home is also secure enough for them to enter without using a second lock.

Particularly if the thief discovered a way to gain entry to the garage, the door leading from the garage to the house needs a deadbolt or to be connected to a security system.

He accomplishes all of his work in your garage, out of the way of any nosy neighbours. A lock is necessary for the house’s front door.


Backyard Door

Many of the more recent homes have a garage with a door that leads to the house’s rear. The issue is that this door, which is also kept out of the way of nosy neighbours, is frequently an inexpensive hollow-core door with a single doorknob lock. This door needs a deadbolt, reinforcement, or replacement, as well as an alarm.


Automatic Door Opener

The security risk is not posed by the door opener on its own. When individuals bring all the groceries inside, they frequently fail to shut the garage door, which poses a security risk. The garage door might be set to close automatically after a predetermined amount of time if you put it on a timer. The danger of a timer is that it might shut when you don’t want it to.


How to Secure your Garage Door with Locks and Reinforcements

Most homeowners lock their overhead garage door after believing all intruders have been kept out. They are largely right; a garage door that is attached to an opener is rather secure. But, there are a few methods by which criminals might still be able to enter your home. Here, we’ll explain how they operate and how to stop them.


Construct a Lock Shield

Getting hold of the release cord is next to impossible due to a garage door lock barrier. This shield is nothing more than a piece of plywood and a wood cleat fastened to the opener’s arm. Only two brad nails hold the plywood to the cleat, so if it runs into something when the door is moving, it will break away rather than cause harm.


Attach a Detector

The sensor sends a signal to the monitor, which then shows whether or not the garage door is open. Batteries power the sensors and monitors, so no wiring is needed.


Lock the Track

If your door lacks a lockable latch, you can insert a padlock by drilling a hole in the track above one of the rollers. This is a smart move if you’re taking a long trip and won’t need to enter and exit your garage frequently.


How to Use Smart Home Security Devices for Garage Door Security

Everything you need to know about creating your own smart home security system is provided here.


Tips for Keeping your Garage Door Secure when you’re away from home

Take note of these tips if you have burglar troubles.


Common Garage Door Security Mistakes to Avoid

The reason why your home would be a nest for burglary is probably that you keep doing these mistakes, giving way for burglars to come through.

  1. Forgetting to Secure all Entrance
  2. Forgetting to Update Passwords
  3. Forgetting to Use Stronger Locks
  4. Not Investing in a Home Security System
  5. Not Securing Outdoor Spaces
  6. Not Securing Windows



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